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10 Reloaded Kashmiri Songs You May Not Have Heard Before

A trip down the nostalgia lane as you listen to 10 glorious Kashmiri songs from the yesteryears, revisited by contemporary Kashmiri artists.

1. Roshay by Mohammad Muneem

Roshay is a classic Kashmiri song and Mohammad Muneem with his powerful voice has rendered it to a whole different level.

Listen to Muneem’s other songs here.

2. Kas Wanai Yim Sitam by Rashid Jehangir

Here’s his most famous song among expatriates and exiled.

Listen to Rashid Jahangir’s other songs here.

3. Hukus Bukus (Eid version) by Mohammad Muneem feat. MC Kash

Here’s a different version and emotionally powerful rendition of this old folk song. This takes to the journey of a boy who seeks answers when he sees the Martyrs’ graveyard at Eidgah. MC Kash, Kashmir’s biggest rapper weaves rhymes that just leave you spellbound.

Check MC Kash other songs here.

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4. Hukus Bukus by Irfan-Bilal feat. Mehmeet Syed

Irfan-Bilal the duo went to the United States on various concerts organised Funkar International (this organisation has made a lot of effort to revive Kashmiri folk culture). This folk song is by default known by everyone, our grandmothers would sing these when we would refuse to eat our Batte with Hakh or when we were home with cousins and didn’t have the luxury of smartphones. Bring out the palms, eh?

Listen to other songs by the duo here.

5. Rum Gayam Sheeshas by Lamajamal

An international band who render this old folk song into a contemporary song with authentic Kashmiri note’ in the background

6. Yaar Dodh Naar Khot’ by Rahul Sharma feat. Gulzar Ganaie

This is a beautiful rendition of an old Kashmiri classic in the inimitable voice of Gulzar Ganaie and composed by the santoor maestro Rahul Sharma who is done outstanding work to bring Kashmiri Santoor into World Music genre.

7. Che Yevaan cover version by Vunshi Saproo

This is a beautiful cover version of the legendary Rasul Mir’s Madno  which was made a classic by Shameema Dev in her silky voice. Vunshi does a splendid job here.

8.Harmok Bartal by Vibha Saraf

Also check out Vibha Saraf with her song – Harmok Bartal

9. Zamanay Pouk ni Hamdam by Waseem ul Haq and Naseem ul Haq

These two brothers from Chenab have rendered this great Ghulam Hassan Sofi’s song brilliantly (okay, I am lost for adjectives here)

You should also listen to this song by them – Fiza cha Nafal Paraan

10. Dilbaro by Mehmeet

This heart touching song by Mehmeet will leave you spellbound.

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