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Here’s Your Ulitmate Guide to Srinagar Markets

Here’s your ultimate guide to markets in Srinagar.

Where to buy Kashmiri red chilli, other spices (masala), and Kashmiri tea?

You can buy Kashmiri chilli (mirchi), other spices, and Kashmiri tea (nun chai) from:

Maharaj ganj market

Jamia masjid

Maharaja bazar.

Where to buy Kashmiri dry fruits?

Maharajgunj market

Koker bazar

Maharaja bazar

Where to buy Kashmir Saffron?


Where to buy Kashmiri copper items?

Maharajgunj market

Interiors of zainakadal market

Bohri kadal

Where to buy ladies suit?

Sarai bala market is famous for wholesale ladies suits.

Other places:

Goni khan market

Alamgari bazar

Jamia masjid



Where to buy pheran?

You will find cashmilon pheran in Goni khan market, located right next to Sarai bala. This market is famous for ladies items like jewelry, clothes, bags, nightwear, shoes, stoles and scarves.

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Other places include:

Arts bazar in Koker bazar

Polo view market

Residency road

Where to buy Kashmiri handicrafts?

Polo view



Arts bazar, koker bazar

Where to buy Kashmiri Namda


Arts bazar, koker bazar

Where to buy readymade wooden things like furntiure?

Nallamar road/ Babademb (road beginning from Munawar Abad to Safakadal)


Where to buy electronic appliances?

Court road, lal chowk

Residency road, lal chowk

Palladium gally, lal chowk

Where to repair mobile?

Aftab market in palladium gally, lal chowk

Where to buy computer items?

Polo plaza (go inside the building near the stairs of the big chinar tree) in polo view market, Lal chowk, Srinagar.

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You can also visit court road lal chowk for printer items.

Where to buy wedding items?

Maharaja bazar


Where to buy bedding or home furnishing?

Fatehkadal near Khanqah Sharief.

Where to buy tiles, marble, and granite?

Gulshan nagar, byepass (just after chanpora bridge)

Where to buy or repair electric blankets?

Rangreth industrial estate

Where to buy gold?

Hari Singh high street, hanuman mandir lane

Bohri kadal/Saraf kadal



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