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Home Bakers In Kashmir You Got To Give A Try For Personalized Designer Cakes

Be it birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, simple pineapple cakes have lost their charm. You just don't enter a bakery shop and pick a plain chocolate or pineapple cake. Nowadays, different designer personalized cakes are available  based on a customer's choice and taste. It's time to make your special occasion

7 Amazing Cafes You Must Definitely Visit In Kashmir

Kashmir is not only a paradise for nature lovers and adventure freaks but it also has a wide range of places to offer to the connoisseurs. Apart from the traditional Wazwan Kashmir has now evolved as a hub of fast food restaurants and the new age cafeterias. If you are

5 Best Places To Get A Pizza In Kashmir

Pizza, the first priority of food lovers, is a flat bread with toppings and tomato sauce. Pizza has earned huge fan following in Kashmir. Pizza has evolved ever since it’s first serving in Italy and has secured markets all over the world and Kashmir is no exception. Pizza is something

Here’s A Mouth Watering Guide To Kashmiri Wazwan That Will Make You Crave For It.

Wazwan is a multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine, usually served in a Trammi or traem. Mostly served during weddings, the very name is enough to bring aroma of your home town when you are outside the valley. Just say the word “Wazwan” in any Kashmiri home and there is not

12 Kashmiri Street Foods You Should Have At least Once

Must Try Kashmiri Street Foods 1.NADER MONJE Long before French fries we had our own crispier and colorful fries. This oil dripping delicacy can put any cholesterol rich fast food to shame. These are lotus stems cut into pieces and dipped in besan batter and fried in oil. 2.TYIL KARRE  The side variant for

9 Kinds Of Bread You Have To Try In Kashmir

Kashmiris love to have baker’s bread for their breakfast and hence, every Kashmiri colony has one traditional bakery known as ‘Kaandar/ Kandur’.  Kandurs can be found everywhere in the cities, every locality will have one atleast. In Kashmir, there is a bread for every season. Bread is an integral part of