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3 YouTube Channels You Should Check for Authentic Kashmiri Recipes

Kashmiri dishes have their own unique taste. You will have a normal chicken and then, there will be Kashmiri chicken. We also have our own special dishes such as yakhni, roganjosh, etc., which are part of the world-famous meal known as Wazwaan. And if you are looking for snacks, Kashmir has a wide variety of them too such as nadermonj.

So, to prepare them, you need authentic Kashmiri recipes. That’s what you will find in this post. Here you will find 3 YouTube channels that have original recipes for Kashmiri dishes.

Let’s check them out.

1. Kashmiri Food Fusion

Name a recipe and the Kashmiri Food Fusion YouTube channel will have it. From Kashmiri harissa to simple phool gabi recipe, you will find everything.

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Check out Kashmiri Food Fusion on YouTube

Here’s a recipe from their page.

2. Tasty Bitz

Another Kashmiri YouTube recipe channel that you will love is Tasty Bitz. The channel offers clear instructions and the final result is mouth-watering.

Check out Tasty Bitz on YouTube

3. ZoonDaeb

Whether you are looking for Doed Kehwa recipe, raddish chutney, or Kashmiri seekh tujj, this YouTube channel comes to the rescue.

Check out ZoonDaeb on YouTube

Did we miss any YouTube channel? Do let us know.