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Top 18 Things You Should Do In Kashmir

Kashmir has always been the best of options when travelling for scenic beauty. It really stands on its terms when it comes to make you feel the warmth of mother nature in its most eloquent state. Apart from the magnificent landscapes and the glorifying waterbeds in its precinct, there are many parts of it which you can explore on this “Heaven On Earth”

And a glimpse of those would be..

1. The Gondola Ride of Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a popular skiing destination in Kashmir. It should always be on top of the list for any skiing fans out there or even an amateur trying to learn its first steps. Visit to Gulmarg without  Gondola ride is just incomplete.  Built in two stages, it is the highest cable car in the world. It takes you to the views of breathtaking beauty of Gulmarg Valley.

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gulmarg gondola
Gulmarg Gondola Source

2. Water Rafting in Pahalgam

 Pahalgam is situated on the banks of the river Lidder. Water rafting is one of the best things you get there. The rush of piercing through the fierce river waters would make you awestruck. For those who transverse pleasure through trekking, it also offers a 35-km long stretch of pinewoods in Kolahoi Glaciers

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3.Paragliding at Harwan

Another spectacular sport for all those adrenaline junkies who don’t stop at anything is Para-gliding. It provides a chance to see this heaven from above. You can see the Pir Panjal Range , the Zabarwan Range and get an inside glimpse of Dachigam National Park. The flight also offers splendid views of Srinagar City besides the Dal Lake and Mughal Gardens.

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paragliding kashmir

4. Sonmarg Trek to Glaciers

Like vigorous sports fans, we can’t overlook the die hard trek people out there. That’s why Sonmarg is always the ideal option for those who like to walk slowly through miles of endless beauty. The Thajiwas Glacier trek is really a place worth going to.

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5. Fantastic View from Pari Mahal

Built by Mughal prince Dara Shikoh, Pari Mahal is a seven terraced garden standing atop the Zabarwan Mountain Range. The best of both Srinagar as well as Dal Lake can only be viewed from this magnificent palace.

View From Pari Mahal
View From Pari Mahal Source

6.Get a Taste of Wazwaan 

 Wazwaan is a traditional multi-course meal of Kashmiri Cuisine. It is considered a form of art and Kashmiris pride themselves with this meal. It contains mainly meat based items and is always a must for every food lover.

To know more about Wazwaan Click here. 

kabab trami

7. The Khayam Chowk & Boulevard Road – The Lane to your Stomach

Who doesn’t like Barbeque ? One can find the best of barbeques in Khayam and on Boulevard road.  Go with your friends and family, and have barbeque delicacies at your ease.

If Thou hungry for Barbeque,  Khayam & Boulevard will slay it.

Barbeque (Tujje) Kashmir
Barbeque (Tujje) Kashmir Source

8. Shikaara Ride in Dal Lake

No one should leave Kashmir without taking the Shikaara Ride of Dal Lake. The slow and steady motion of the boat in the vast landscape and calm waters of Dal Lake would make you fall in love with nature more.

Shikara Ride In Kashmir
Shikara Ride In Kashmir Source

9.Train Trip from Baramulla to Banihal

Ever since childhood, train trips always fascinate people of any age or status. The fast moving scenery out of the window is beyond description. And if you are a fan of exploring places by train, you should take this trip as it will always be a memorable one.

Find out train timings in Kashmir here.

Train In Kashmir
Train In Kashmir Source

10. Nishat & Shalimar – The Gateway to Heaven

People come from all over the world just to capture its immense beauty. Both of these gardens are extensively decorative in nature and are just heavenly beautiful by construction. They are the biggest terraced gardens of India and a person visiting these gardens wouldn’t want to leave without spending quality time there.. Need more words?

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nishat shalimar kashmir


11. Drink water from Chasma Shahi Spring

Apart from being a marvelous Eden, this garden also centers a spring within its premises which adds more to its glory. The water is fresh, cold and literally tasty to drink.

Some even say it has medicinal properties.

Chashme Shahi Entrance
Chashme Shahi Entrance Source

12. Stay in a Houseboat – Escaping from the Mundane

Are you bored of staying in a hotel while travelling? Do you want to explore and feel alive at the same time? Then you should probably consider staying in the famous Houseboats of Kashmir. You can enjoy all the services of a normal Hotel while staying on water.

13. Walk Around Dal Lake

The Dal Lake – ‘The Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir’ is definitely the best place in the world for taking a Morning Walk. The fresh air and the mesmerizing smell of the ambient environment surrounding it will make you fill with indefinite joy and peace during your stay. Go for an evening walk and enjoy shopping.

walk dallake

14. Get yourself clicked in traditional Kashmiri clothes

Today, in the era of social media and services, we always update about all the happenings that are taking place in our life and all. Now, what more can be the best way to show off than to wear a Traditional Kashmiri Dress – Pheran. You can take your photos in traditional Kashmiri attire at almost all places of tourist interest.

traditional kashmiri clothes kashmir


15. Get a glimpse of Downtown Kashmir

The true view of any area can be seen only if you take yourself out and visit the locals. Kashmir is no different in this matter. Visit its Downtown to know some more unknown facts about it and also check out the old architectural delights which are still standing in this century.

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downtown kashmir


16. Indulge in your aesthetics

Kashmir is the land of great Sufis. Visit the Religious Tombs and Shrines like Hazratbal, Jamia Masjid, Shahi Hamdan and find yourself close to God. It also helps you to know the historical and topographical significance of those areas.

hazratbal dargah kashmir


17. Thirsty? Have a Cup of Tea

You can always have a cup of Kehwa whenever you feel a bit exhausted by traveling. It is refreshing and it revitalises your body to get up and get going again. To add more essence to it, try it with a slice of Shirmal (a traditional saffron flavoured flatbread), and it would be wholesome experience to you. Also, try Noon Chai (Pink Tea).

18. Stand on the Edge of Shankaracharya Hills

The Shankaracharya Hill is thickly forested patch with a variety of regions to burrow in. It also upholds a small Shiva Temple atop it from which you can get a panoramic view of Srinagar and its surroundings.

shankracharya hill


 19. Have street food

You should also try street food in Kashmir. Nader monjjè, til matar, monjjè gaadè served with chutney are the famous street foods that will leave your mouth wanting more.

Read more about Street Food In Kashmir here.

Street Food kashmir

So, next time when you plan on a vacation in Kashmir, make sure to check out these things to have an unforgettable experience about this “Heaven On Earth”.

 Author: Rromith Datta Roy