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11 Things Every Kashmiri Will Relate To During Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadhan is here. Like everywhere, it has its own charm in Kashmir and is observed with great fervor and zeal.

Being Kashmiri, you can relate to following things:

1. Sahar Khan: With Ramadan comes Sahar Khan chanting ‘Waqt-e-sahar’ and beating his drum. He has been our alarm clock during this month for years now.

.sahar khann

2. Long kandur queues: Have you ever bought bread in Ramadan? God, those looongg queues at kandur..They will make you kill yourself.

roti kandur

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3. Laziness: You become some version of koala bear. No hyekat. Only sleep.

lazy in ramadan

4. The duhelkhaw: When you meet someone the first thing they ask is, “roza hai?” If they hear’re screwed.

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You take pleasure in teasing those who don’t fast and give them names, mostly duhelkhaw or duldoes.

Duol doess

5. Beggars: There’s a knock every now and then on your door.. and guess who it is? Beggars. This happens all the time.

*Thuk thuk*

Me: Kus chuv?


musafir ramazan

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6. Waiting for iftar: The most awaited part of the day is here, Iftar. Throughout the day, you are killing time for this part especially 2-3 hours before it. On other days, you have no idea of magrib prayers but during Ramadan you know the exact time on the tip of your tongue. Also, your eyes are somehow glued to the clock the entire day.

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maghrib meme

7. Babribeol drink: Your iftaar is incomplete without the famous babribeol drink. It is the real thirst quencher. Feels like heaaaaaven. Life would be beautiful if these were available in stores like cold drinks.


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8. Firni: Firni is the ‘Dessert of the Month’. Your mom prepares firni not only for you, but also sends some of it to masjid and relatives.


9. Taraweh: There is something special about this month that people who don’t usually offer prayer are also seen praying in the masjid five times a day. Also, you have these never ending debates about taraweh as to how many rakats to perform–8 or 20

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10. Counting days to Eid: Ramadhan leaves all of us waiting for Eid. Kids, teenagers, adults, elderly all of us eagerly wait for Eid.  And then before you know it, it’s Eid.

eid meme
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11. Eid shopping: We, Kashmiris, shop A LOT. We are crazy for Eid shopping. We go nuts. Bakery and meat shops look like honey combs. You’ll have to spend a couple of hours there. Also, tailors go mad. They refuse to give your salwar suits on time. can I forget, no Eid is complete unless young girls apply mehandi. It’s like a custom. Strictly followed. There is a mad rush of people during the end of the month.

eid shopping

Check Ramadan Timetable for Kashmir here.
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