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You Know You Are A Kashmiri When


#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you see somebody outside the state wearing a pheran and you scream ‘alaay koeshuer’

 When you’ve played with shishir gaants (icicles)

When you have burnt a carpet with your ‘Kangri Kick’

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you wake up early on a winter day and rush to eat harissa

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you come out of your bed at midnight just to check from your window how much it has snowed.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When you tuned into Sheher Been at 7 PM everyday during power cuts in Winter.”

Power/ Electricity

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when “Nangi taarih lagun” either means an Electric Shock or it means you are in LOVE

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when first gust of wind and all you hear is ‘Gode kar pagheken palwan press. Pawer gasei wene.’

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when u say “pawaras loga nar” during dark winter evenings.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when u say “sarni gov ha?” during power cut.


#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you say kirket and not Cricket.. :p

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when ‘Jol bat’ is synonymous with badminton!


#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you don’t feel satisfied unless your meal includes rice.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when noon chai and thaen wala czochwor is the best thing you love to have in the evenings.

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#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When you feel mandach carrying wazwan in a plastic bag at a wedding.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When you can cut a hot piping gushtaba into 4 exact peices with your bare fingers.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you will force a guest to eat till he cannot breathe and then you will say ‘tohi logwe ne athe (hand) kunei

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When you eat every single organ of the goat like the chagul( goat testicles) , charvan( liver), hooves, the kidneys.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you invest your everything in ‘weddings’ and ‘building houses’

when you visit picnic spots n the first thing you do, is to sit down n eat!

when the ladies say ‘hathhaz mei haz chu sori band’ bt still eat everything.

When your kulcha breaks and dips in your kahva. And you eat the kulcha after with your finger or drop it in ur mouth.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you love Noon chai more than “Lipton” chai.


When love marriages still mean”Aem chuna panai kormut!!”

when in a marriage you focus more on what you and others are wearing and ignore the bride and the groom :p

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#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When ‘record’ means a song for you :p

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when u use “mat” way too much.

when everything bought from Saudi is termed ‘HAJUK’ and is kissed repeatedly all over!

when u call a chewing gumas ‘chingamm’

when you say palate instead of plate, sakool instead of school, ayer instead of air, caalej instead of college.

when a strange woman to another says “hatai kyah wanai”

When you have heard Imam saying ‘Bahar Haal’ multiple times in a Khutbah.

When Jahal is the best thing you know to switch off a discussion of logical reason..


#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when your family is on the street, waiting for you after dark.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When your Grandma says “Naer khudayas ti nabiyas kormakh hawaal’e” everytime you leave your home.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when a mother tells her kid ”yur wala b karai nosy saaf”.


#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When you always wondered what Kashmiris in Azad Kashmir were like.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When u get angry Everytime u hear/see arnab on timesnow n feel like breaking his head :p

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#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When People In India Call Us Aatankwadi.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you deep down always wait for an occasional #Hartal !

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri If u don’t use ur voter ID For voting but for getting sim-cards.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when protests for even water , electricity or ration will turn into Hum Kya Chahtay Azaaadi !!!!!”

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when u spot every other relative,friend and even the shopkeepers of your mohalla at Pahalgam on 15August.

#youknowyouareakashmiri If u happen to pass all the uncles, u always hear them debating about Kashmiri politics.

when you correct a person to say Srinagar not Shrinagar, Kashmir and not Kaaashmir.

when in India , u see a vehicle with a JK no. And in excitement u scream “kashir hinz gaed”.

#YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When You Are Advised To Keep Your Identity Card With You Everywhere.

And last but not the least

When you keep saying “Kasheer bani kuni”.


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