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7 Easy Kashmiri Roti Recipes That You Can Try At Home

Kashmir besides being famous for its beauty is also known for its multiple varieties of breads. A Kashmiri’s breakfast is incomplete without having the traditional kandur chzot or girda in the morning. Kashmiri roti with butter and nunchai is one of the best breakfast meals you can have. Even during the afternoon time, we have a special kind of bread known as chochwoor, which looks like a donut. For other times and occasions, we have various kinds of kulchas, shirmaal, etc.

Are you craving for Kashmiri bread? Don’t have a Kandur nearby? Don’t worry. You can make Kashmiri roti and kulcha at your home. We have handpicked various recipes to help you get started. Let’s check various Kashmiri roti recipes.

1. Kashmiri Roti in Tawa

You must be thinking that a microwave is necessary to make any kind of bread. That’s not true. This Kashmiri girda recipe by Aemy Licious YouTube channel uses tawa, a utensil available in all homes to make the roti. As per the recipe, you require basic ingredients only such as maida, yeast, sugar, etc.

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Check out the full recipe on YouTube.

2. Kashmiri Roti in Microwave

Another way to make Kandur tchot is in the microwave. The recipe posted by Habakhatoon requires maida, yougurt, yeast, baking soda, and little milk.  

3. Kashmiri Chochwor with Flour

Called by a variety of names such as Tchochwor or Televor, Koshur Chochwor looks like a donut.  It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. You will need flour, yeast, sugar, sesame seeds among other ingredients for this recipe posted by Tasty Bitz YouTube channel.

Check out the recipe on YouTube.

4. Kashmiri Tchochwor with Maida

If you don’t have flour handy, you can make Chochwor with maida too. The recipe posted by Habakhatoon offers two recipes – one using flour and other using maida. Check out the ingredients and instructions on the Habakhatoon blog.

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5. Kashmiri Namkeen Kulcha

If you don’t have yeast at home and you want to make some Kashmiri bread, you should try this recipe for Kashmiri kulcha by Tasty Bitz. Made with maida, soda, and salt among other ingredients, the kulchas are easy to make.

Note: In terms of measuring cups, 1 cup is 250 grams, so you have to take 1 cup and 1/4 cup of flour and 150 gram of warm ghee which is equal to2/3 cup.

Check out the recipe.

6. Kashmiri Mitha Kulcha

Not everyone likes salty things. If you want to try your hands at mithe kulche, we have a recipe for that too. However, you will need yeast for this recipe. Other ingredients include flour, cardoamom powder, eggs, sugar, and sesame seeds.

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Check out metha kulcha recipe on YouTube.

For sweet kulchas, you can also try the recipe shared by Aroo’s kitchen on their YouTube channel and Cook with Aliza.

7. Bakhirkhani

Made with just 3 ingredients i.e., maida, salt, and water, the final result will remind you of the famous bakarkhanis from Baramulla.

Here’s the recipe on YouTube.

Know of other Kashmiri roti recipes?? Let us know in the comments below.



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