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13 Things That Happen On Bakra Eid In Kashmir

Eid ul Adha or Bakra Eid  in Kashmir starts with meat and ends with MEAT. You know this Eid is near when you hear things like “Kath chi har jayi, kathaw kor traffic jam” etc.

1. Eid starts with the “price of the sheep“. Everyone is discussing the price “az chu dayan hatan killo kath, doh koth doh chu badaan ath. ( Sheep is for 250per kg and prices are increasing day by day)”


2. When you go to buy the sheep, everybody want the best one. It’s like a competition.

Even sheep is like..


Wah bhai wah!!

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3. And everybody is like “wich koota asal kath anum” They think they have bought the best among the lot but LOL



4. Everybody loves playing with the sheep.



5. But, unfortunately, there are some people who forget that you have to treat animals nicely. (Please don’t be among them.)


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6. What is Eid without Eid selfie?? Selfie not with humans but with sheep. Even sheep is like “Rehne de na, kal hi kurbaan hone wala hoon.”

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STOPPPP!! You guys!

7. And then comes the Eid day, trust me the only important person that day is BUTCHER. Nobody cares if you go missing that day.

8. True happiness on Eid is when you find  the butcher.

9. When you are about to do the qurbani, those last moments with the sheep are very emotional.


10. When the butcher asks for formality “kith piece chi karin?”. The actual response should be “Barabar” But even the butcher knows the real qurbani is done as below 😛


11.  Lunch after Bakra Eid is full of meat. Even stomach is like “Kabhi meat nahi dekha ha kya?Bas karr”eid-lunch

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12. Eid Al Adha is incomplete without barbeque and tikkis.

bakra eid tujje

13. After qurbani, your whole house smells likes a slaughter house. People keep meat in fridge for months and are always like “Fridgas cha na jayi hi”


Eid ul Adha in one picture


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Comics Source: Shahzaib Hussain



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