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12 Things That Happen On Eid In Kashmir

eid is here kashmir


1. Eid Safai: The entire house undergoes cleanliness drive.

Mom be like-

clean things eid safai

2. Then starts the moon-sighting part.

chand wars moon sighting kashmir

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3. You are supposed to wake up early and if you don’t, God save you from the scolding of elders.

wathsa gbra


4. Everybody is supposed to take a bath on Eid. There can’t be an Eid without someone shouting at the washroom door for you to get out.

washroom meme

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5. Everyone is excited about new clothes especially girls. They have already figured out what to wear on Eid a month before.

eid tailor

BUT the reality is

eid sofa

And for the guyseid shalwar kameeez

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6. On Eid, you are treated as guests in your own home. Your breakfast is incomplete without having cake/ pastry or some sweet on Eid.

cake eid

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7. Eid means Eidi :D: D Who says money can’t buy happiness. Surely it does.

eidi kashmiri happy


shake hands eid


But Getting less and less money for Eid as you get older 🙁

8. Continuous smiling. You are in a Eid euphoria so whatever happens you just keep smiling.


on eid smile

9. Eid Hugs

eid hugs kashmir


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10.  Parents taking away their kids’ Eidi so they can give it to other kids.

Also equal Eidi Funda.

eidi same meme

11. As a kid, your parents take your Eid money for “safeguarding”. You never see that money again.

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on eid day money

12. Eid Lunch – Foood, Foood, Foood . The best Food.


kashmiri lunch eid


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Eid: The day where the total calorie consumption is equal to the consumption in the entire month of Ramadan
Eid Mubarak 🙂