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13 Things That Happen On Bakra Eid In Kashmir

Eid ul Adha or Bakra Eid  in Kashmir starts with meat and ends with MEAT. You know this Eid is near when you hear things like "Kath chi har jayi, kathaw kor traffic jam" etc. 1. Eid starts with the "price of the sheep". Everyone is discussing the price "az chu dayan hatan killo

You Know You Are A Kashmiri When

Winter #YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you see somebody outside the state wearing a pheran and you scream 'alaay koeshuer' #YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When you've played with shishir gaants (icicles) #YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri When you have burnt a carpet with your 'Kangri Kick' #YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you wake up early on a winter day and rush to eat harissa #YouKnowYouAreAKashmiri when you come out of your bed at midnight

15 Things That Happen In Kashmir Every Winter

Kashmir is known to be mesmeric no matter in which season you visit it - summer or winter, spring or autumn. You might have read/heard about winter in Kashmir a lot but here's a different outlook of Kashmir during winter.... Darbar move Do you know what marks the onset of winter in

12 Things That Happen On Eid In Kashmir

  1. Eid Safai: The entire house undergoes cleanliness drive. Mom be like- 2. Then starts the moon-sighting part. Also Read :12 Misconceptions Indians Have About Kashmir You Know You Are A Kashmiri When 3. You are supposed to wake up early and if you don't, God save you from the scolding of elders.   4. Everybody is supposed to